DP25 Grizzly Central Station

DP25 Grizzly Central Station


The DP25 Grizzly central Station is a perfect mid-size automatic lubrication station for heavy industrial applications. The Grizzly is best applied in single or dual line systems that do not exceed 100′ header length or 150 lubrication points. This station features a motor-driven, twin piston pump, 50lbs capacity reservoir, and a series of package options to suit most applications.

Ordering Guide 

Station Packages Part Number
Uses hydraulically operated
reversing valve
Uses an electrically operated
reversing valve
Does not use a reversing valve.
Standard System
(No packages)
DP25-2000 (detail) DP25E-2000 DP25S-2000
Std. System w/
Motor Starter
DP25-2010 (detail) DP25E-2010 DP25S-2010
Std. System w/Timer DP25-2001 (detail) DP25E-2001 DP25S-2001
Std. System w/Timer
and Motor Starter
DP25-2011 (detail) DP25E-2011 DP25S-2011
Std. System w/Bulk-Fill DP25-2100 (detail) DP25E-2100 DP25S-2100
Std. System w/Bulk-Fill
and Timer
DP25-2101 (detail) DP25E-2101 DP25S-2101
Std. System Complete
Includes all available
DP25-2111 (detail) DP25E-2111 DP25S-2111



DP 25 Specifications
Pump Description
Type Motor Driven, twin piston with 20:1 gear reduction.
Capacity /stroke .06 cu.in
Capacity /min 5.13 cu.in
Discharge Pressure 3000 psi
Reservoir Description
Material Steel
Capacity 50 lbs (grease)
Motor Description
1/3hp @1750 rpm, 230/460 VAC, 60hz 3ph.( (DC motors available)
Reversing Valve
DRV32-SL (std), DRV32-SL (pre-1999)
RVE2-DS1 (std), RVE1-DS1 (pre-2000)

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