PCS25 Pneumatic Central Station

PCS2500 hydraulic med


The PCS25 is a pneumatically-operated central station that offers more convenience and less downtime than its electrically-driven counterparts.  Central stations that use electrically-driven piston pumps usually have to be disassembled if the pump fails.  This can lead to significant delays or downtime.  The PCS25 features a reliable, yet relatively expensive pneumatic pump that is located to the side of the reservoir (not underneath) that can be changed out in a couple minutes.

The PCS25 comes in many configurations. The standard unit features:

  • 250lb Reservoir
  • Mechanical Auto-Fill Shut-Off
  • Programmable Touch Screen Controller (in easy to read English)
  • Electric or Hydraulic Reversing Valve
  • High Pressure In-Line Strainer
  • F-R-L assembly with Solenoid Shut-Off and Pump Speed Controller



 Ordering information coming soon!