ACS Automatic Lubrication Cabinet

The ACS Autolube is a completely self-contained lubrication system that is designed to automatically service your lubrication system.

All system components are housed is a steel, NEMA 12 enclosure to protect the components from dust, impact, and liquid damage.

The  ACS Autolube features only high quality components that feature a superior reservoir assembly and our new beefy dual piston pump. The components are panel mounted and include an interior light that facilitates access and makes maintenance much easier

Installation is simple. The hook-ups are external and there are only a few (one electrical, two grease supply lines, and one bulk supply line).

 Autolube front page 1 open 519x782


Component Detail


Item No. Description Item No. Description
1 ‘System On’ Light 12 Line Strainer w/gauges
2 ‘Fault’ Light 13 Dual Piston Pump
3 Interior Light 14 Gear Reducer
4 Bulk-Fill 15 Motor
5 Shut-Off Solenoid 16 Line Shut-Off
6 NEMA 12 Enclosure 17 Hydraulic Reversing Valve
7 Mechanical Shut-Off 18 Motor Starter
8 Reservoir 19 Input Power Disconnect
9 Relief Line 20 Lube Guardian II Controller
10 Convenience Outlet & Switch 21 6″ Touchscreen Display
11 Discharge Line (x2) Not used
The above cabinet is our standard dual line configuration. Other configurations and custom configurations are available. Contact Dyna-Power for more information.