Dual Line Lubrication

Dual Line Overview


Dual Line Systems

A basic dual line system consists of a control element (manual or automatic), pump, reservoir, reversing valve, measuring valve(s), and the requisite tubing and fittings. The system begins when the pump is activated (either manually or through a control element) which pumps lubricant from the reservoir into the reversing valve which directs the lubricant into one of two supply lines. Once the lubricant passes through the reversing valve it travels to the measuring valves and is discharged into metered amounts to the lubrication points.  Once the supply line reaches it’s preset pressure setting, the reversing valve activates and re-directs the lubricant into the other supply line; which supplies the lubrication point(s) a metered amount of lubricant in the same manner as before.

Advantages of Dual Line

Dual line systems use metering valves that operate independently from each other. Unlike single line systems, a single failure does not render your whole system in operable. Also, each measuring valve features indicator pins which conclusively indicates proper function. So problem valves can be identified quickly and reliably. It is much more difficult to identify failures in single line systems.

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