DRV32 Reversing Valve

DRV 32 Reversing Valve


The DRV32 is a hydraulically-actuated reversing valve that is used to alternate between two lubrication supply line in a dual line lubrication system. Reversal of pressure and relief are driven by lubricant pressure acting directly on the valve. The reversing pressure is adjustable by means of a top-mounted screw. We recommend the use of a pressure gauge for accurate adjustment. Note: This valve is intended to be used in ‘end of line’ systems and is NOT intended for short loop systems.


DRV32 Quick Order Guide

Part Number Reversing Valve Pressure
Std. Bottom
Mount Bracket
Panel Mount
Bottom Mount
Adapter Bracket
DRV32-SL Yes No No No No No
DRV32-SLG1 Yes Yes No No No No
DRV32-SLG2 Yes Yes No No Yes No
DRV32-SLG3 Yes Yes No No No Yes
DRV32-SLS1 Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
DRV32-SLS2 Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
DRV32-SLS3 Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

DRV32 Specifiactions

Material Steel (body), Copper (seals)
Seal Adjustable packing for indicator stem
Pressure 500-3500 psi.
Lubricant Oil – NLGI#2

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