LS8 In-Line Strainer

LS8 In-Line Strainer








The LS8 series of in-line strainers have been designed to remove contaminates from any lubrication system. The feature a large, plated steel body and a reinforced filter element that makes it one of the most rugged and reliable line filters on the market–even at pressures up to 7500 psi.

The LS8 also features additional inlet and outlet ports, a purge port and two ports for pressure gauges that enable optimum flexibility and ease of installation.


Maximum Pressure: 7500 psi.

Body Material: Nickel Plated Steel

Micron Rating: 140-420

Inlet Ports: 3/8″ n.p.t.

Outlet Ports: 3/8″ n.p.t.

Bleed Port: 1/8″ n.p.t.

Gauge Ports: 1/8″ n.p.t.

LS8 Quick Order /Reference

Model Element -
Gauges Element
Gauges provided are (2) 0-3000psi., center back-mount pressure gauges.
LS8-1N1 420 No LS8E-1
LS8-1N1G 420 Yes (x2) LS8E-1
LS8-1N2 140 No LS8E-2
LS8-1N2G 140 Yes (x2) LS8E-2


LS8 Cut Away & Flow Diagram

LS8 Cut Away and Flow Diagram

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