DP25 Grizzly Technical Information

DP25 Operation

The Grizzly pumping station consists of a twin piston pump, 20:1 gear reducer, 50lbs. steel reservoir with follower plate and indicator stem, reversing valve, and 1/3 h.p. motor in a NEMA 56 TEFC frame.

The standard system begins when power is applied to the motor which, in turn, activates the pump. In a dual line system, one line is pressurized by the pump while the second line relieves lubricant back to the reservoir.  During subsequent lubrication cycles, the pressurized line is relieved and the relief line is pressurized.  This alternate action is controlled by the reversing valve. The reversing valve, via a switch, sends the cycle information to the control (if applicable) which can be used to set the cycle time.  And it is the time set for the lubrication cycle, together with the measuring valve settings that will determine the amount of lubricant that goes to each bearing.


Pump Detail

External Pump Detail

Internal Pump Detail


Reservoir Detail


Mounting Base Detail