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Frequently Asked Questions

How do these valves work?

Dual line measuring valves rely on the pressure of the lubricant to actuate pistons that, with each up and down motion of the main piston,  discharges a precise amount of lubricant either alternately through the top and bottom discharge ports (see DPD Valve Operation), or through the same discharge port (see DPS Operation). See the images below:

DPD  Operation

DPS Operation


Are these valves drop-in replacements for the Farval brand? 

All of our valves fit the Farval brand mounting dimensions with the exception of our DPD 20 Series. We make the 20 series bigger to more easily accommodate fitting installation. Please see the dimensional data below:

DPD Dimensional Detail

DPS Dimensional Detail

How do I convert a valve from dual to single discharge?

It’s easy with our valves and no additional kits are needed. To convert a valve (or any piston section of the valve) from dual discharge to single discharge, simply remove the crossport screw and washer (accessible through the bottom discharge port) and plug one of the discharge ports. To convert back to a dual dicharge valve, simply insert the crossport screw and washer. See the diagram below: