Zoning / Shut-Off Valves

SVE2-DS1SVE2 Zoning /Shut-Off Valve

The SVE2 is an electrically-operated single solenoid valve that is uses to open or close lubrication lines for zoning systems, alternating system pumps and any other application that requires a similar function. PLC or remote operation is required.

*These solenoid valves are normally closed.


Quick Order Guide

Part Number Description
SVE2-115 115 VAC Single coil shut-off valve ONLY. Subplate not included.
SVE2-SS1 Complete single coil solenoid shut-off assembly. Subplate is included and is shipped mounted to the valve.
VE-1 72 DO5 Subplate for the SVE2 shut-off valve. Bolts included.

Max.Pressure 3000 psi
Max. Flow 12 gal/min
Solenoid Voltage 115 V-AC
Applied Voltage AC110
Frequency (HZ) 60
Starting Current(A) 4.65
Holding Current(A) 0.86
Holding Power(W) 34
Permissible Voltage Range (V) 80-120